Physical Artifact Donations

Do you have a physical artifact to donate?


When making a donation, we ask that you allow enough time to look at the donations with a staff ambassador and to properly fill out our Deed of Gift Form. Deed of Gift Forms may be downloaded and certain parts pre-filled before making your donation

Donor's Instructions for pre-filling Deed of Gift Form
  • Read paragraph above part 1

  • Fill out parts 1, 2, and 4  Part 3 is for museum use only.

  • To complete part 2, use MVMM Form 14-1A (attached) LEAVE "NUMBER" COLUMN BLANK!

  • Read parts 5 & 6 and the TERMS OF CONDITIONS (attached)

  • Fill out the questionnaire at the end. 

      This is where you write down everything you know about the veteran who may have used these items, anything you know about the artifacts and anything you know about the person (s) who owned the artifacts.

  • Bring form and item(s) to the museum to be looked over and completed by a Staff Ambassador

Do you have a photograph and/or biographical information of the veteran who owned/used this artifact? 

Bring a photograph and/or biographical information if you have it!  We want to tell the veteran's story as well as displaying artifacts. Copies of photographs are acceptable. Biographical information can be a typed life story.

What if you don't know the estimated market value of your artifact?

One way to find out is to visit a website such as "eBay". Find an item similar to your donation for sale and see what items of that age and condition are selling.  Use your best judgment.