The mission of the Maryland Veterans Museum at Patriot Park is to recognize and honor all U.S. Military Veterans.  Those who fought on the battlefields and those who served in support of them should be remembered and honored so that future generations never forget the sacrifices these men and women have made.


  • To be recognized as the best Veterans Museum in America

  • To be an educational center for the Board of Education, and become part of the curriculum for national, state and local history

  • To offer a collection of military displays to include photographs, letters, uniforms, oral history, and artifacts

  • To offer a library of books, videos, and internet access for    research and learning activities

  • To offer, via the internet, a virtual museum of participation of Veterans in all national wars

  • To be a major tourist attraction with easy access for tourists and individuals performing Veterans' research or seeking information

  • To be a focal-point for Veterans organizations and the focal-point for research, documentation, and maintenance of Veterans records

  • To be used as a venue for courses and lecture series

  • To be an ideal location for military reunions and other community activities