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Monthly Meeting and Program

Our Monthly Meeting is held on the second Wednesday of each month from January to November.* Each meeting features a speaker who is an expert in their field and provides valuable insight on assorted topics. Our Monthly Meeting is open to the public. 

* With the exception of February, 2024

2024 Schedule

  • January 10 - "The Honor Flight Network" by Mark Brickell

  • February 21 - "Charles County Historic Preservation Commission" by Franklin Robinson

  • March 13 - "Maryland Units in the Revolutionary War" by Bill Talbot

  • April 10 - "Veterans Bloom: Assisting Veterans & Improve Health with Therapeutic Experience" by Cindy Bliss

  • May 8 - "Power Women Part 2" by John Peter Thompson

  • June 12 - "Snippets of Abraham Lincoln" by Donna Patterson

  • July 10 - "My Navy Career & Tour as Commander of the Blue Angles" by Captain Tom Frosh

  • August 14 - "The Story of the Airplane on Display at Patriot Park" by Chuck Morrison

  • September 11 -"The Command of Refugees Sent to Guantanamo Bay from Cuba and Haiti" by General Mike Williams

  • October 9 - "The American Revolution's Critical Support Structure: Subterfuge, Shell Games, and Smuggling" by Robert Sheretta

  • November 13 - "Lt. Banastre Tarleton & the Battle of Cowpens, 1781" by Christopher T. George

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